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Services for Providers

Crew Resource Management (CRM) Training

Crew Resource Management is the practice of prioritizing and utilizing a team's resources in the most effective way possible. It incorporates methods for effective communication, situational awareness, leadership, and prioritization. It is largely credited as one of the primary catalysts for the dramatic improvement in aviation safety following an era of high profile preventable accidents. These human factor principles can be applied to any complex team enviornment, including and espicially in healthcare.


Threat and Error Management (TEM) Training

A single error is almost never the proximate cause of an accident. It is almost always a series of errors that collectively result in an adverse outcome. Threat and error management is a methodical approach to identifying and managing threats and errors before they result in an adverse outcome. Like CRM, TEM can be applied in any complex team setting.


"Sterile" Flight Deck/Sealed OR Rule

The sterile flight deck rule is a Federal Regulation that applies to pilots of commercial aircraft which prohibits any nonessential conversation or activity during any critical phase of flight. Explore how implementing objective standards concerning operating room entry, activity, and conversation can help reduce preventable errors. 

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